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EDIT: Development has been discontinued (other than one or two small updates; previous purchasers will be given a copy of the next tabletop game we work on as detailed here: https://thebabybunch.deviantart.com/journal/Mommies-Monsters-a-5e-compatible-rul...

Make sure to join the ABDL tabletop gaming Discord server at https://discord.me/babbletop if you're looking for a group or want to chat about ABDL tabletop games in general.

Collectathon! is a tabletop RPG loosely inspired by the "collectathon" platformers of old (Banjo-Kazooie, DK64, etc). In a campaign of Collectathon!, players will progress through colorful worlds, collecting various items, purchasing upgrades, solving puzzles, and fighting baddies. Each game has a theme; though Collectathon! is designed for ABDL-inspired play, it perfectly well supports all sorts of other kinky and non-kinky options.

Accompanying you through learning how to play Collectathon! is the game's mascot, Olivia. She has plenty of experience exploring all sorts of worlds and collecting all kinds of items, so she'll be demonstrating the various things you'll need to know in picture form. There will be other drawings besides her, of course, but she's the "main attraction" here.

Collectathon! uses a d8 system (8 sided die) that incorporates degrees of success and failure rather than simply "win" or "lose" conditions. For example, rolling a 5 to make a particularly tricky jump might have you barely grasp a ledge while rolling an 8 could have you soaring above it and landing perfectly on the other side. Its focus is on cinematic action, puzzle solving, and combat using various unique abilities and skills. Experience is in the form of a collectible currency used to purchase upgrades.


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This sounds like an ambitious project with all of the updates....but I'm afraid I don't quite grasp what separates this game from say, your other projects. Miasma was combat focused, but it was set to the tone of a post-apocalyptic setting brought about by widespread magical transformations across the landscape, the effects which can be dialed down for non-fetishy science fantasy campaigns. Padded Nightmares is a horror game that stresses disempowerment, but in a setting where the danger that the supernatural antagonist presents is getting adopted instead of getting murdered, and the rules were a little less combat based and little more exploration based.

Both of these games had a free demo, which while they did leave you wanting more, they gave the downloader an idea of what kind of game you'd be buying if you came back. I kind of feel like this product is missing some much needed information about how it plays. The setting apparently is fluid, and you can make your own which is cool...but I have no concept as to why I would WANT to wait around for 8 worlds when one might do.

I don't think I get the original idea behind this game. Perhaps more details could help?

EDIT: Sorry about posting multiple times.  Interface glitch.

Sure! I think I'll try to make a free demo work soon. You're right that I didn't include as much info about it.

It's a game where advancement is based on gaining abilities that can be used to solve puzzles or can be used creatively in combat. You gain what you need to get abilities through puzzle solving and collecting things and though "standard" combat exists, most larger scale fights aren't standard and have puzzle elements to them. It also uses a bit different dice system based on a d8 where failure and success aren't absolute (you can have degrees of success and consequences to your actions).