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Just so you know, this is far from finished in terms of content (though the final version content-wise should be ready soon enough). The game will have quite a few more rooms, a working items system, and a few different unlockable character classes when it's officially "released". The free demo will have 10-15 rooms and maybe 5-10 items to use while the final version of the paid version will have at least 25 rooms, at least 20 items, and around 5-6 unlockable character classes to choose from. I'm also going to be adding much more flavorful ending text and a variety of random "openings" that detail how your character ended up in their current situation.

If there are any bugs, please report them! I know that items don't work; this is intentional in this build as the item use code isn't in a finished state. I've also already fixed a minor sound bug (the buttons didn't always click like they were supposed to) as well as noticed that I didn't put in music, which I'll be correcting with the next update. Anything other than that, though, please let me know! I think there may have been a very rare text bug where there'd be too much text in the box and it'd go outside of the box but I wasn't able to reproduce that so please confirm if you've encountered it and when.

Also let me know if the game feels like it's missing anything besides what I described above; I'm happy to add more. Thanks so much for supporting us through these horror of a development process!


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